Remaining Traces
Archaic Illusion in Blue
Allusive Antiquity
Arches of Epitaph I
Arches of Epitaph II
Echoing Arches 8123_edited
Cerulean Emergence I
Cerulean Emergence II
Cerulean Emergence III
Arches of Antiquity
What was, What is and What Will Be

Contemporary.  Contemplative.

Referencing elements of antiquity, my current body of work explores a continued interest in the artifacts and distant memories that remain beyond human mortality. Semi abstract forms and loose architectural renderings suggest a portal between time and space. Using mixed drawing, graphite and acrylic paint media, the narratives that emerge express a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability in the traces that remain. 

The soft, organic shapes of beach stones are interesting to me and I often find myself returning to echo the circular, oval and ovoid-like forms. Dissolving, evolving and emerging, the drips and smudged markings suggest fluidity and the process of transformation suspended for a moment in time.

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